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We Are Creators, Growers & Highly Dependable Partners For Your E-Commerce Brand.

In Ziresquare we use years of experience to create, grow and manage your e-commerce brand. Whether it is your main business or part of your diversified private equity portfolio, we manage your investment with a culture rooted in creativity, productivity, hard work and a fanatical attention to detail.


Amazon Services


Product Launching

We set and manage the right launch strategy for your product.


Account Management

We manage your entire Amazon account. From Customer Service to Account Health and Issue resolution. Listing Optimization and more.


PPC Management

We deploy top notch PPC strategies to reduce your ad spend and maximize your ROI. Making sure we are up-to-date with the latest advertising strategies and changes to the A10 Algorithm.


Inventory & Supply Chain

We manage your inventory from your supplier all the way to Amazon or your 3PL. Implementing inventory management strategies that save your money and maximize efficiency.



We search for the best product opportunities that fit your budget so you can launch and succeed on Amazon.


E-Commerce Services


Brand Development

We research your target customer avatar and develop a brand identity that connects with them.


Shopify Store Management

We design and build shopify stores and product pages that convert.


Social Media Advertising

We run ads that reach the right audiences and scale.


Traffic Sources

We find where your customers hang out in the web and we develop the right funnels to engage them and bring them to your store.


Email Marketing

A fundamental tool in ecommerce. We develop automated email flows to
Inform, educate or re-target your audiences.


Audience Building

We use different marketing tools and funnels to build a group of engaged Customers that love your brand.

Venture Investment & Acquisitions

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with you to help you grow your brand. Whereas it’s investing in Your company as partners.

Portfolio Scaling

We work with you in scaling your product portfolio in order to reach your Desired company valuation at exit.

Portfolio & Operational Optimization

We look into all areas of your operations to help you reduce costs that Increase your company’s valuation. We help you identify which products increase and which reduce the value of your portfolio.

Brand Acquisitions

We put you in front of the right buyer for your brand and help you structure the Right exit deal to maximize your pay out and returns.

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